My name is Shaun, I'm a photographer in the Indianapolis area. At heart, I’m really just a guy who likes to create images that appeal to me. It's fantastic when those images appeal to others as well and it makes me happy to know that I brought something positive to them, even if just for a moment.
Sometimes a photo just looks like a photo. It can be fantastic subject matter, beautiful people, and technically perfect photography but it still just looks like a photo. I like my images to be a moment in time. Less "here's a photo of this person or thing" and more like "here's a sliver of life and some stuff that was going on while you weren't there".
I often hear discussions of the stories that artists are trying to tell with their images. I don't want to tell you a story that I created. I want to put forth an image that draws you into the scene and provides you with everything you need to create your own story and make you feel as though you were there as it unfolded. A story that belongs to you and no one else.
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