This website is dedicated solely to "Street Scenes". It is an ongoing personal project of mine that I unwittingly embarked upon in 2014 while photographing neighborhoods, events, and communities in and around the greater Indianapolis area. 
As the story goes, I started working in Indianapolis in 2008 commuting from Providence, RI on a near weekly basis. In 2009 I decided to relocate to the area having finally found a place that I can call home. I've found each neighborhood/community that I've visited since moving here exudes its own unique character while at the same time remaining distinctly "Indy". 
The project started out as simple "photo walks" for me and organically began to take shape as my collection of photos grew. It incorporates multiple series of images, each with their own aesthetic. Some have a street photography vibe to them, some are more creative and artistic, some are long exposures, composites, and some are a hodgepodge of whatever groove I happened to be feeling that day. Taking the approach of incorporating an amalgamation of styles into the project is an attempt to both satisfy my eclectic creative desires and also an effort to draw the attention of diverse communities of viewers. There's something here for everyone, much like the area I'm photographing. 
My aspiration with this is to eventually get to a point where the project is ready for exhibition. So... ya know, if you're a gallery, museum, publication, or other outlet that might have an interest in showing the work then let's have a chat. I'm just sayin'.....
In the meantime, visit my web gallery here, have a look, and tell me what you think of the project. Bookmark the page so you can come back and visit again as my content will continue to grow or you can use the social media link above to follow me on Facebook, I post status updates when new work has been added. 
And there's always my main website for the rest of my work. 
If you have an interest is learning more the area and all there is to do around here then stop by
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